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Long Distance Service
Plan Per Minute Monthly Fee
Farmers 3A: $0.19 None
Farmers 4A: $0.15 $3.95

Bundle Package!
Call for details: 319-476-7800.

Recommended Users
The Farmers 4A long distance plan has been designed for customers who normally spend more than 100 minutes per month on long distance calls.

FCTC Long Distance Advantages
Signing up with FCTC Long Distance provides customers with great service from professionals they can trust.

• Local and long distance services billed on one convenient, easy-to- 
  understand monthly statement
• Simple, straight-forward plans with NO hidden fees, or time
• Convenient features such as personal 800 Numbers

Customer Service
FCTC Long Distance will provide you with personalized customer care from people that are dedicated to providing you with the best possible service to meet your needs.

•Personalized Care: No automated answering machines to stumble
•One Bill: The convenience of one bill for your local telephone and long
 distance services.

Personal 800 Number
Have the convenience of a personal 800 Number with affordable rates.
Monthly Fee Cost-per-Minute
$3.00 First 20 minutes FREE! Thereafter - $0.15

• Avoid high-cost collect calls
• Convenience of calling home from anywhere affordably

Call FCTC today at 319-476-7800!
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Long Distance Services

Bundled Packages
are available!

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